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Digestive EQ is a unique blend of ingredients specifically formulated to support the digestive and immune systems of your horse.  Digestive EQ manufactured by Poseidon Equine is designed to assist with both fore and hind gut digestion as well as assist with inflammation and immune challenges.  For extra cover, Digestive EQ contains a mycotoxin eliminator offering greater benefits than a binder from mycotoxins from hay, pastures and poorer quality roughage.

During periods of stress, such as physical, health challenges, transporting and in response to some feeds, nutrient digestion and uptake may be substantially compromised.  Excess starch from the diet may lead to increased lactic acid production and an unfavourable shift in the gut microbiota – i.e. the bad bugs proliferate and out compete the good bugs. This shift in the microbiome can lead to toxins being produced in the gut of the horse and further compromise the health, performance and recovery.  These stress events may lead to an acidic hindgut, where damage and irritation to the gut wall can occur allowing toxins to move from the gut and into the blood system, resulting in systemic inflammation.  This could result in laminitis, colic, behavioural issues, hind gut inflammation, reduced performance, appearance, hoof growth and other problems.

Results from using Digestive EQ can be seen as quickly as 24 hrs (in the case of improvements from mycotoxins) with full effect being seen in 2-4 weeks.