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Product Description


GastroAID is the complete gut health supplement which has been developed and manufactured in Australia. The unique formulation of nutritional ingredients is proven to alleviate behavioural and digestive symptoms in horses suffering from gastric ulceration and other guts issues. GastroAID contains two distinct products, GastroAID Digestive and GastroAID Stabiliser.

GastroAID Digestive is a powder designed to be used initially when the symptoms of digestive issues are noticed. It forms a protective gel lining on the stomach wall and protects the horse from further damage.

GastroAID Stabiliser is the second step in the process. It is a pelleted product designed to maintain good gut health. It is safe to feed for extended periods of time, and ideally would be used while ever the horse has limited access to pasture.



– Lacking energy? – Slow or fussy eater? – Failure to move forward?
– Girthy? – Weight loss? – Recent changes in attitude?
– Biting? – Poor appetite? – Whole grains in manure?
– Cribbing? – Dull coat? – Ongoing diarrhoea?
– Sour? – Colic?  – Super thirsty while eating?

There is a long list of symptoms for horses with digestive issues that could include ulcers, microbial balance upsets, hindgut acidosis and sub-optimal movement of feed through the digestive tract. Sometimes your horse may not even be displaying consistent symptoms, but you just know that something is off and aren’t sure why.

Don’t despair, GastroAID stacks up and can help unlock their potential!



GastroAID works in 5 ways to improve digestive health:

  1. Lines the Stomach: GastroAID creates a lining on the stomach wall preventing gastric acid from further aggravating existing ulcers.
  2. Provides Antacids: The Antacids in GastroAID neutralise excess gastric acid preventing any further damage to the stomach wall, whilst the lining created by GastroAID is forming.
  3. Optimises Speed of Digestion: The Agrimos® Beta Glucans in GastroAID provide a highly concentrated source of soluble fibre, which helps optimise digestive speed. This allows for the best possible digestion and uptake of nutrients by the horse.
  4. Reduces Incidence of Diarrhoea: The Agrimos® Beta Glucans and Pectins bind to diarrhoea-causing bacteria to reduce occurrence.
  5. Optimises Hindgut pH: The Levucell® Live Yeast in GastroAID helps maintain a proper hindgut pH, which is needed in order for the horse to possess a healthy population of hindgut microbes. These microbes enable optimum digestion and fermentation of feed to make more energy available to the horse (from Volatile Fatty Acids). A healthy hindgut also maintains B-vitamin production at normal levels and keeps the horse’s natural immunity high.