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ZanoBOLIC Concentrate 12.5kg - BRAND NEW FORMULA HH-ZANOB-12.5



Muscle 'em up with new ZanoBOLIC concentrate palatable powder. Strength, power, topline and appearance at an affordable price per dose!

The Benefits of ZanoBOLIC concentrate

> "Muscle 'em up"
> Most concentrated source of rice bran embryo extract on the market.
> No banned substances
> New concentrated lower dose and lower price to match
> Still with the great palatability of ZanoBOLIC

How ZanoBOLIC concentrate works

ZanoBOLIC concentrate is designed to target working muscles to assist in lean muscle development. the strong antioxidant effect of the refined rice bran embryo extract assists muscles in recovery from hard work. ZanoBOLIC concentrate has best results when fed closely after exercise. Warmed up muscles have the best ability to take up nutrients due to faster blood movements.

Directions for Use

> Horses in light work/pre-training: 10g daily per 450kg body weight.
> Horses in heavy training, racing or competition: 30g daily per 450kg body weight.


Begin 10 weeks prior to sale. Dosage per 450kg body weight:
> Week 1: 20g daily loading dose
> Weeks 2-5: 10g daily
> Weeks 6-7: 20g daily
> Weeks 8-10: 30g daily

Each unit of ZanoBOLIC concentrate has a scoop enclosed. One level scoop = 10g.

Available Sizes

ZanoBOLIC concentrate is available in five sizes:

> 500g: contains 16 x 30g doses
> 1.8kg: contains 60 x 30g doses
> 4.5kg: contains 150 x 30g doses
> 9kg: contains 300 x 30g doses
> 12.5kg: contains 417 x 30g doses


Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to regular ZanoBOLIC?
As of May 2013, Kelato replaced ZanoBOLIC with ZanoBOLIC concentrate.

Will my horse still eat it?
ZanoBOLIC concentrate gives the same amount of refined rice bran embryo in a 10g dose that was previously provided in a 30g dose. The tasty flavour of ZanoBOLIC hasn't changed so your horse will still eat it. Try it yourself, it's sweet and delicious!

I'm already using ZanoBOLIC for my horses, what pack size should I buy now?
The pack size you need will depend on how many horses you're feeding and whether they're in heavy or light work.

ZanoBOLIC concentrate  10g Doses
Horses in Light Work 

30g Doses
Horses in Heavy Work

500g 50 16
1.8kg 180 60
4.5kg 450 150
9kg 900 300
12.5kg 1250 417

Will ZanoBOLIC concentrate still be as effective in building lean muscle in my horse?
Yes. The amount of refined rice bran embryo extract in each dose has not changed, so you can still expect the see the same excellent results from ZanoBOLIC concentrate as you did in ZanoBOLIC.