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Kompeet is a natural product that “crosses over” in its ability to help the horse physically unlike any other nutritional products for horses on the market today, no other company has a product that can be compared to Kompeet for the simple reason that no company has the new science and technology Kompeet is based on.

In the short time Kompeet has been on the market, it has already created a buzz and following among vets, trainers and owners in the racing industries and also in the sport horse fields, such as eventing, show jumping, dressage and show hunters. This has entirely happened through trial and word of mouth!


Kompeet “A Revolutionary New Way To Feed Your Horse”

Kompeet is a world first in the scene of natural energy giving products for horses.

Kompeet consists of a carefully chosen mix of plant oils, with the specific use as a feed supplement for horses in mind.

This blend of unique plant oils has been through a very complicated process to make it emulsifiable with water. Kompeet will in fact when mixed with water, maintain its integrity, but when introduced to the horse’s saliva and other enzymes in its body, the Kompeet emulsifies 100% with the horse’s body’s natural fluids. Thereby making it possible for the horse to digest the product immediately and transport the energy directly into the muscular systems, reducing the buildup of lactic acid.

The horse will feel significantly more willing to perform, and stamina levels will be increased.

Kompeet is unlike normal plant oils, of which up to 90% passes through the horse with no effect what so ever.

  • Reduce muscle fatigue
  • Provides extra energy for competition horses
  • Gain in power and stamina, can be felt almost immediately
  • Non-heating
  • Unprecedented rapid build up of muscle mass, visible results normally within 7-14 days
  • Exceptionally high nutritional value, even for the most sensitive horses
  • Laboratory controlled
  • Does not contravene current FEI doping regulations
  • Kompeet is odorless – tasteless – in powder form – and therefore highly palatable to the horse
  • Excellent for horses prone to tying-up
  • Documented GMO free
  • Kompeet ensures an effective emulsification in the horse’s intestines, and will also increase the nutritional value of other feed and products fed to the horse
  • Kompeet is concentrated easily absorbable energy
  • Remarkable results in the overall condition of horse