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Product Description

VETSENSE REHYDRATE aids in maintaining and restoring normal electrolyte balance in body tissues due to strenuous exercise and sweat loss during training, racing,competition, travelling,and hot weather conditions.

Active Constituents
Each litre contains (as ions)
Chloride 63.96 g, Potassium 30.36 g, Sodium 40.45 g, Phosphate 23.17 g,
Sulphate 11.59 g, Magnesium 2.93 g, Glucose 260.0 g.

Always make available a plentiful supply of clean fresh drinking water following consumption of VETSENSE REHYDRATE.

Directions for Use
The concentrate can be administered by oral syringe over the back of the tongue, with immediate access to clean, fresh drinking water, or can be diluted with clean fresh water.

Oral syringe over the tongue:
Horses 450 to 500kg:
Light work: 40 mL
Moderate work: 60 mL
Heavy work: 80 mL
Endurance/eventing, heavy sweat loss, dehydration: 80mL

Ponies <350kg
Half of the above doses

Diluted Solution:
Horses 450 to 500kg:
Light work: 40 mLin 2L of water
Moderate work: 60mLin 3L of water
Heavy work: 80mL in 4L of water
Endurance/eventing, heavy sweat loss,dehydration: 80mL in 4L of water

Half of the above doses

Special dose rates:
Severely dehydrated horses: 6 to 8L of diluted solution (40mLVETSENSE REHYDRATE per litre of water) Endurance exercise: 60 to 80 mL by oral syringe over the tongue, immediately followed by water.

Travelling horses: 40 to 60mL over the tongue with water on hot weather or long distances, 30 to 60 minutes before travelling. Repeat every 2 hours, and again on arrival. The use of this product prior to racing will not elevate plasma bicarbonate levels and therefore will not contravene the rules of racing.

Presentation: 1L and 5L