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ExCellR8™ The Help Your Horse Needs

Until now, we’ve had to rely on antiquated or synthetic solutions, which are not ideal for the long term health of our horses. At Vet Cellect, our focus is on a new strategy for treatment, involving non-invasive products that may help support healthy joint and cartilage function.


Because of the inherent all-natural properties of this product, ExCellR8™ may promotes natural equine health, moving your horses away from the solutions we’ve relied on in the past.


Accelerate the Process

The all-natural basics of stem cells and stem cell extract derivatives act as a natural method to promote and maintain soundness in competitive and horses of all disciplines. These qualities make ExCellR8™ revolutionary and your obvious choice.


You can count on Vet Cellect to deliver superior equine health products and services, directly to you and your horses. Choose ExcellR8 and see the difference for yourself.

The Power of Stem Cell Technology

Equine stem cells are the equine body’s “master cells”, and have the ability to self-replicate and differentiate into the various cell types that make up the body. They serve as an internal repair system, dividing and differentiating to replace damaged or dead tissue.


Stem cells are a powerful tools for treating common injuries that result from athletic endeavor, resulting in high morbidity and often compromising an equine athlete’s performance.


Umbilical cords, adipose fat, and bone marrow contain specific stem cells known as Mesenchymal Stromal Cells, or Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). MSCs are currently being used throughout the regenerative medicine industry, which focuses on repairing or restoring the body.


Transformative Potential

Science has shown that MSCs promote healing by regenerating tissue to re-populate specific cells and tissue after trauma, bringing injured tissue back to its original condition without scarring.


The new cells are then used to treat the most common career-ending or interrupting equine injuries involving nerve, muscle, ligament, cartilage, bone, and tendons.


Equine stem cells and stem cell derivative products are being researched for the maintenance, rejuvenation and re-conditioning to promote the ongoing vitality and optimal health of an equine athlete.


The Next Generation of


We have your horse in mind, and we’re working to continue creating products that you’ll love.


At Vet Cellect, we’re utilizing the science of equine stem cell technology to create products that will improve and hasten the recovery of your horse. We’re utilizing the innovative research of stem cell pioneers across the globe, paired with the expertise of people working with horses every single day.


Your Horse Deserves An All Natural Solution