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Hemoplex 100ml HH-HEMO-100

$29.85 Brand: TROY



Troy Hemoplex Injection

Supplementary source of iron, vitamins, minerals and amino acids for use in horses.

Stress associated with racing, heavy work and convalescence after a disease, restoring blood values after worm infestation, appetite maintenance and general good health in horses.

Directions for use
Horses: 1mL i.m. or i.v. per 50kg bodyweight.
I.v use only by or under the supervision of a veterinary surgeon.

Injection 100mL.

Nicotinamide 100mg/mL,
dl-Methionine 20mg/mL,
L-lysine HCI 20mg/mL,
Glycine 20mg/mL,
Iron Ammonium Citrate
d-Panthenol 15mg/mL, Pyridoxine HCI 10mg/mL,
Riboflavine Sodium Phosphate 10mg/mL,
Choline Chloride 10mg/mL, Inositol 10mg/mL,
Cobalt Gluconate 0.7mg/mL, Copper Gluconate 0.2mg/mL,
Cyanocobalamin 150µg/mL,
Biotin 10µg/mL

Withholding period
Meat – Nil

Store below 25ºC (air conditioning). Protect from light.