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Feramo D 450G (Dog) HH-FERAG450

feramo-d 450g
feramo-d 450gferamo-d family


Feramo - D is recommended to supplement a dog’s diet
as an aid in the prevention and treatment of vitamin/mineral
deficiencies. Feramo - D added to the dog’s diet each day
will provide essential nutritional factors beneficial in
the prevention and treatment of vitamin and mineral
deficiencies and supplement the diets of breeding stock
and growing pups.


• Use in all stages of life
• Dogs in work
• Brood bitches and stud dogs
• Growing pups
• General health and vitality

• 450g, 4kg, 9kg tubs

Vitamin A 625,000 IU
Vitamin B1 2.5g
Vitamin B2 2.3g
Vitamin B3 2g
Vitamin B5 1.5g
Vitamin B6 250mg
Vitamin B12 3.2mg
Vitamin D 60,000 IU
Vitamin E 2.8g
Yeast 150g
Iron 2.8mg
Manganese 440mg
Zinc oxide 5.5g
Copper carbonate 550mg
Cobalt sulfate 90mg

• Feramo - D is best sprinkled on, or mixed with, the evening
meal. If cooked wait till meal cools.


• When introducing a dog to Feramo - D, proceed gradually by
placing 1 gram on the feed dish under the food. Gradually
increase the dose to full strength over the following week.


• Feramo contains a 4g scoop

Adults - 1g per 10kg of bodyweight
Puppies - 2g per 5kg of bodyweight
Bitches in whelp and nursing bitches - 1 g per 10kg bodyweight