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Founderguard 5Kg HH-FOUNDG5

founderguard 5kg bucket rgb


Purchase 1 x 5kg Founderguard & Receive 2 FREE tubes of Bectyl!

Uniquely formulated feed supplement that protects against feed
induced laminitis in horses and ponies.


• Horses on high grain diets
eg Gallopers, pacers, eventers and show hacks
• Horses grazing lush pastures
eg Any horse or pony during spring and autumn
• Young horses being prepared for sales
eg High grain - low exercise animals
• Horses that have suffered from laminitis or
founder in the past
• Horses undergoing a change in diet
• Horses with seedy toe, white line separation or
poor quality hooves


5g per 100kg bodyweight daily


FOUNDERGUARD® can be fed alone or mixed with feed. Introduce
at 1/4 the recommended daily dose rate, increasing gradually
to the full dose rate over 5 days. Administer 5g per 100kg
bodyweight in single or divided doses. See pack for directions.

Each 25g dose contains: Virginiamycin 250mg


1KG BUCKET: Provides 40 x 25g daily doses
5KG BUCKET: Provides 200 x 25g daily doses
(Based on a 500kg horse)