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Value Plus Activiron Performance Plus Powder 3.5kg HH-VPACTIPPP3.5

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activiron™ Performance Plus combines selected premium organic trace minerals, vitamins, essential amino acids, micronutrients and coenzymes which work together to maximise bio-availability and nutritional uptake, as well as to support the specific needs of performance horses.

With the inclusion of the unique active FeNaEDTA,
activiron™ Performance Plus aids in red blood cell formation, blood building, appetite stimulation, recovery, immune support, coat condition and energy production and metabolism.

Performance horses need extra nutritional support to counteract the physical demands of intensive work, to maintain optimal conditioning and to give them the competitive edge.
activiron™ Performance Plus delivers over 21 premium vitamins and minerals, essential amino acids, micronutrients and co-enzymes in one palatable low dose daily powder.
Please click image to access Technical Notes for Activiron Performance Plus Powder.